June 2, 2009 – Panchagarh farmers selling paddy at low price – Financial Express

The farmers of Panchagarh District could not sell their paddy to the government for the complexity of customs rules. Farmers are disappointed at the price of paddy. There is no system of purchasing paddy from the farmers directly in the district. As a result farmers are compelled to sell their paddy to the local market at a low price. Some farmers claim that some government employees of the food godown, leaders of the ruling party and millers have formed a syndicate and compelled the farmers to sell their paddy to the local market at low price. Each maund of paddy is sold at Tk 300 to Tk 350 at the local markets. A farmer of Catonhari village said that a lot of paddy traders have become farmers overnight and were selling the paddy to the government godown at a fixed rate. He also claimed that the common farmers could not sell their paddy at the government fixed rate.  Panchagarh Zilla food inspector said that 4714 tonnes of paddy and 2808 tonnes of rice would be purchased in the district. He, however, denied the complaints of the farmers.


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