Dec 22, 2009 –  Agro-based industry needed in Panchagarh – Financial Express

The farmers of Panchagarh need an agro-based industry for getting due price of crops, which grow in plenty in the fertile land of the area. An agro-based industry could not be established for the welfare of the farmers for want of storage facilities, incentives, bank loans, patronage and vocational training of the farmers. Jute, wheat, sugarcane, paddy, mustard, tissi and different vegetables like bringles and potatoes grow in plenty and rot in the absence of cold-storages. The farmers have to stock their produce in the cold storages in neighboring Thakurgaon district.

People of Panchagarh demanded establishment of cold storages for the preservation of their crops. They also demanded establishment of auto rice mills, oil mills and other small industries based on the locally grown agricultural crops to help remove the unemployment problem of the district. Kamrul Islam, a farmer of Maydandighi said, “We are not getting due price of our crops as we don’t have cold storage facility. We have already drawn the attentions of the president of Jute Growers Association and the incumbent MP of Panchagarh-1 to our plight.”


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