Nov 8, 2010 – Panchagarh sees a silent agri revolution – Financial Express

A silent revolution has lately been brought about in agriculture in Panchagarh district. Only a few years ago paddy was the main crop for the farmers of Panchagarh. Besides paddy they also cultivated a small variety of local paddy and some seasonal crops, such, as bean, dal, onion, garlic, potato and some winter vegetables. But they would not get bumper harvest as they used to follow ancient system of cultivation. At the same time they did not get their price for their agriculture products, and had to face crises. Even they failed to get back their own investment in cultivation. But with the passage of time and by use of modern scientific method and technology the picture of cultivation has vastly been changed. The farmers are now provided with scientific knowledge for modern cultivation. They are being made conscious of their cultivation and can grow more crops using less land within a short period of time.
They are now using power tillers and tractors for cultivation their land inspite of using plough. They are now using hybrid paddy for getting more production. The cultivation of orange, tea, strawberry and jute of Panchagarh has drawn of the attention of the people of others places. Importing Panchagarh has now turned into an exporting district. Now-a-days many people are coming into cultivation. As investment in agriculture has become profitable many are willing to enter into this profession. The consciousness among the farmers and scientific modern technology as well as the proper agricultural system have greatly brought about a revolutionary change in the life of the farmers of Panchagarh district.


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