July 10, 2009 – Bumper jackfruits in Panchagarh – Financial Express

Jackfruits are grown a bumper record in the district this year. By fulfilling the local demand, the fruit is being supplied in different regions of the country. The climate and soil of the region are quite fit for the cultivation of this fruit. Cash crops like rice, jute and so forth do not grow in plenty in the district due to rocky and inflate soil. Tea, pineapple, orange, litchi, mango and many other seasonal fruits are grown abundantly in the district and these fruits can also fulfil the demand of other regions. Jackfruit is grown abundantly everywhere in the district. People of the district are eager to grow jackfruit commercially. Many people have been enriched themselves by the cultivation of jackfruits. They show less interest to grow jackfruit although there is a bright prospect of jackfruit cultivation in the district. Jackfruit is sold by so-called price in the wholesale market in the district.  Businessmen from different places come to Panchagarh to buy jackfruit and one hundred jackfruits are being sold at Tk 1200 to Tk 1300. Many farmers and retailers of jackfruit bring them from different places in the district by rickshaw-van and or about owner at cheap rate. These jackfruits are supplied and sent to different places of the country. Local businessmen informed that the jackfruit in the district is larger, juicy, tasty and sweet.


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