Jan 4, 2010 – Banglabandha Landport not yet working in full swing – Financial Express

Banglabandha Land Port about 12 years is going to be passed but is still not working in full swing for want of necessary efforts and steps, although it was inaugurated on September in 1997. Member of Parliament Panchagarh-1 in election manifesto had claimed that if elected he would take every necessary step to run Banglabandha Land Port in full swing. But his electoral promise is still not fulfilled. The common people as well as the traders expect that it would fully operational during the impending visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister to India of January 10. If the port is run in the full swing it is expected that about 30-40 thousand common people will be employed directly or indirectly. The ex-president Panchagarh Chamber of Commerce Md. Delwar Hossain said it was possible for Banglabandha port to earn more revenue than Benapole port if was run in full swing. If the port Banglabandha land port is run in full swing the people of Jalpaigunri, Shiligunri and Darseling will get more facilities in the field of trade and commerce. At present they have to run their business going round about 3-4 hundred km. Via Burimari port.


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