February 19, 2009 – Panchagarh-Dinajpur rail line in bad shape – The New Nation

The condition of Panchagarh-Dinajpur Rail line is in bade shape in absence of reconstruction and day by day the line is being inoperative. Since there was no reform work in the line during the past three decades, the line is seeing train accidents and derailment in every month. As the meter-gauge rail-line has become risky, the number of passengers and transportation of goods are falling. Concerned official sources said every 39 feet rail-line requires 15 sleepers , but the 100 kolimeter rail-line from Kanchan of Dinajpur has only 8-9 sleepers in every 39 feet line. The number of sleepers are lower than that in some places. The source said almost half of the sleepers are inactive from Ruhia to Kismat. From Bhomradaha to Ruhia, 39 kilometer rail-line has no stone at all. Because of these reasons accidents often occur in these rail-line. In past two years over 100 derailment of passenger or goods train happened in this road.. one mixed train saw derailment thrice on bothway from parbatipur to Panchagarh on a single day this month.


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