Solthori Mosque

Softhori Mosque, is in middle of Atwari – Boda road and on the border of Atwari and Thakurgaon upazila. This mosque is considered as the oldest mosque of the district. The mosque is a similar copy of the dome mosque of Mugrapara of Sonargaon in Narayanganj district of Bangladesh, which was build during the Sultani period, in 1478.

Softhori Mosque was build by Sudharu Saha. No information was found about its construction time, but for its design and structure, it is considered that Solthori Mosque was build during the Sultani period.

Squire sized Solthori Mosque has only 12 foot width walls, with no principal place for the Imam. Hence the height of the entrance gate is very low, the musollis needs to lower their head to enter inside the mosque. And only 5 people can pray together once. North and South side walls has 2 small doors, and has squire panel on the walls. All four walls are connected with four round minarets. East and west side walls does not have panels on the walls. The wide compound of the front has an arch. The arch has changed its real look for time to time constructions or changes. Also the walls was designed with flower and leafs.

For earthquake, Solthori Mosque subsided a lot, but was constructed recently (in 2007).

Source: Photo and description taken from Panchagarh Jelar Itihas O Lokosanskriti




Softhori Mosqui Mosque

Address: Atwari, Panchagarh*

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