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Tourist Spots & Places Of Interest

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As tourist spot, Atwari has the three domed mosque at Mirzapur, Chhaprajhar (Pahar bhanga) and Sardarpara, which bears the relics of Mughal architecture; remains of the ruined the “Zamindar Bari” of Aloakhoa.  The Bara Awliyar Majar is another notable place in the upazila.

Atwari has the marks of War of Liberation of 1971. These are 2 mass graves, 1 twin grave and 1 martyr memorial monument.

Mirzapur Jamei Mosque
Chaprajhar Mosque
Solthori Mosque
Shordarpara Mosque


Tetulia has great hospitality for tourists. Tea of Tetulia has same quality like tea of Darjeeling. The “Kazi & Kazi” tea garden, the “Tetulia Tea” garden, the Banglabandha land port are the attractive places for the visitors.

Remnants of a fort at a place named Buraburi between Bhajanpur and Tetulia. Also Bhadreswar temple and Shiva-temple are the two tombstones of the Greek sculptural.

Tetulia Rest House (Dak Banglo) : is situated on the bank of river Mahananda facing Darjeeling, a charming ice city of India. The rest house is the key tourest attraction, and it has long historical background. The structure of the building is victorian type, and believed to be build by king of kuchbihar.

Tetula Zero Point
Banglabandha Land port
Bhadreswar Temple

Panchagarh Sadar

Maharaja Dighi (Pond) at Bhitargarh is well known tourist attraction of the sadar upazila. This famous pond is in Omorkhana union. it has 10 morrages, local people assumes this pond has 40 feet depth. And they also believe Pritthi Raja has dig this pond.

Bhitrar Shalmara is a notable beel (Lake). Shal forest of Bhitargarh and the government forest on the banks of the Chawai and Karatoya are notable.

During the War of Liberation in 1971 the guerilla fighters demolished the bridge on the Chawai near the Amarkhana camp thereby obstructing the advance of the Pak-army towards the north. At the initial stage of the war Maqbul Darji & the Badi Howladar (EPR) were killed in an encounter with the Pak army which however lost eighteen of its soldiers.

The Shaheed Farooque Ahmad memorial monument at Dhakka-mara in Panchagarh town is the marks of war of liberation. Also the grave of the martyr freedom fighter Sakimuddin at Jagdal-hat in front of the Baital Aman mosque is another Mark of the war.

Panchagarh Rocks Museum
Panchagarh Sugar Mills


The Vadeswari mosque, Vadeswari temple and and Govinda temple are the tourist attractions in Boda.


Vadeswari temple




In Debiganj, the Revenue office building and old residential house of the raja of Kuch-Bihar is famous; Also Jagabandhu Thakur-bari is another place of interest for the tourists. The town has one Dakbungalow (Rest house).


Golokdham Temple


Jagabandhu Thakur-bari



Other tourist spots / places of interest, near Panchagarh

Kantoji Temple in Dinajpur.

Biggest Mango Tree of Bangladesh, in Thakurgaon - in Mondomala village of Baliadangi upazilla has the biggest mango tree of the country. It's name is "Shurjopuri Aam Gachh (Mango tree)". From a distance, the hug number of it's branches looks like a mango garden. The large tree is on 3 acre. of land. The tree has 20 naut encircled. Saidur Rahman of Mondomala village is the owner of the tree. This large tree produces a lot of mango every year.

Thakurgaon Sugar Mills - is situated in 5 k.m. south from Thakurgaon city. Established in 1957, this industry is still (2009) the largest industry in Thakurgaon district.

Residence of Raja (King) Tonkonath - the residence of Raja Tonkunath is one of the transference of attributes of Thakurgaon. This is also knows as Ranishonkoil Jomidar Bari. Jomidar (Landlord) Tonkunath achieved the title "Raja (King)" from the British government, from then it was know as Rajbari (residence of the king). In the east side of Ranishonkoil upazilla, this Rajbari is in the bay of Kulik river.  Jomidar Buddhinath Chowdhuri started to build this residence, and Raja Tonkunath finished the build.

Jamalpur Mosque.

Gobindojiu Mondir (Temple) - in the bay of the Tangon river, Raja Gobinda Narayan Thakur build Gobindojiu temple in near 1707. This temple has the golden statue of Radha-krishno.

Shibmondir in Harinmari.

Shibmondir in Baliadangi - There is a 400 years old Shib mondir (temple) in 8 km north-south side of Baliadangi upazilla of Thakurgaon district. The 30 feet tall temple has  reduced its height a lot due to subside.

Nekmorod Majar Shorif

Noborotno Temple









Jamuna Resort - Nestled by the Mythological Jamuna River (Bramaputra) the Jamuna Resort is captivating with stunning views of the Bridge and the breath-taking landscape. To feel the rich and exotic atmosphere of the tropics and the might of the legendary river Jamuna. When you enter the place you will naturally feel the new concept of warmth hospitality, luxury and comfort.




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