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Panchagarh Sugar Mills

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Under Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC), Panchagarh Sugar Mills Ltd. is the oldest industry of the district. The factory is situated in Panchagarh Sadar.

Panchagarh Sugar Mills was set up by the Government in 1965-69 at a cost of Tk.55.55 million. It is near the district Head Quarter of Panchagarh and is the northern most sugar mill in Bangladesh. Machinery and equipment of the sugar mill were supplied by M/S. Stork Werkspoor of Holland. The sugar mill started its trial production in 1969-70. Since independence of Bangladesh (until 2005), the sugar mill has produced 8,536 m. tons of Sugar per annum on average at an average sugar recovery rate of 8.10% from sugarcane.

Highest sugar production was 16,612 m. tons in 1994-95. There are about 31,000 acres of cane-cultivable land in the mill-zone of Panchagarh Sugar Mill of which 10,500 acres per annum on average is brought under sugarcane cultivation.

Name: Panchagarh Sugar Mills Ltd.

Factory Address: Panchagarh Sadar, Panchagarh, Bangladesh

Year of Establishment: 1969

Date of Incorporation Registration: 20 July 1970

Date of Commencement of Production: 1969-70

Date of Placement under Corporation: President Order No. 27 of 1972

Status: Public Limited Company

History: Panchagarh Sugar Mills Ltd. was established in the year 1970 under the erstwhile EPIDC & owned by the Government.

Operational Structure: N/A

Name of Product:

1. Sugar [Capacity 10,160 MT].
2. Molasses (By-Product) [Capacity 4,500 MT.]

No. of shift (s): 3

Human Resources:

Officer (Permanent) 48
Staff (Permanent) 256
Staff (Seasonal)172
Worker (Permanent)192
Worker (Seasonal)145
Total 813


i) Board of Directors
ii) General Manager
iii) Divisional Manager

Shareholders: Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh / BSFI 100%

Sector: Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation - Sugar and Food Sector.

Regulatory Environment: State Owned Enterprise, regulated by Companies Act 1913.

Current Status: Running


Total land area (198.46 acres) :
Total Factory 40.00 acres
Residential Area 26.00 acres
Experimental Farms 110.85 acres
Cane Purchase Centre 21.61 acres
Land (Commercial Farm) Nill

Production :

(2001-2002) 12390 M. Tones
(2002-2003) 9708 M. Tones
(2003-2004) 8011 M. Tones
(2004-2005) 7030 M. Tones
(2005-2006) 10105 M. Tones

Panchagarh Sugar Mills Ltd.





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