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Nazmul Haque - Professor, Writer & Founder of Panchagarh Rocks Museum

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Panchagarh Rocks Museum

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Prof. Nazmul Haque - the founder of Panchagarh Rocks Museum, writer of (1) Panchagarh Jelar Itihas O Lokosanskriti (2) Panchagarh Jelar  Muktijuddher Itihash.

Nazmul Haque was born in Thakurgaon in 1957. He studied his schools and college in Thakurgaon. He was graduated in Bangla language in 1977, and got his master degree in 1978 from Dhaka University. From Bishaw Bharoti (Shantiniketon, India) he received higher education as research scholar. In 2003 from Dhaka University he achieved in Ph.D degree in Anthropology and folklore, his subject was "Investigation on North Bengal's Anthropology and Sociology".

He started his professional life in the Netherlands in "Delta Development Project". He was a teacher in Pabna Cadet College from 1982 to April, 1990. From May, 1990 to November, 2001 he was the principal of Panchagarh Government Mohila College. At present (in 2009) he is the professor in Bangla department in Dinajpur Government College.

He was rewarded as the best professor in 1998, best teacher in 2008. He was also rewarded as "Man of the year" by American Biographical Institute. He situated the only Rocks Museum of the the country, in Panchagarh.


Books of Prof. Nazmul Haque:

Panchagarh Jelar Itihas O Lokosanskriti

Panchagarh Jelar Muktijuddher Itihash

Uttorbonger Lokoshahitter Nritattik O Shomajhtattik Shomikkha

Prachin Prithibir Lokokahini

Uttor Bonger Jonogoshtir Nritattik Porichoy

Filistini Muktishongram



Place of birth: Thakurgaon

Born: 1957





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