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Monument and marks of the Liberation War of 1971, in Panchagarh

Strong battle held all over Panchagarh during the liberation war in 1971. Some monuments was made in the memory of the martyred and massacres. Some grave of freedom fighters and mass graves, are still (2009) neglected, and no monument is made in their memories. The monuments in Panchagarh, of the liberation was is described here.


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Tetulia, the place of pilgrimage of our freedom

Tetulia has the significant contribution in our liberation war. For it's memory of the war, a squire monument on a open stage was made near to the daak banglo (rest house), in Tetulia.  It was named as "Tetulia - pilgrimage of our freedom" (স্বাধীনতার তীর্থভূমি তেতুলিয়া). The poem "Shadhinota Tumi" written by Shamsur Rahman is engraved on this monument.

স্বাধীনতা তুমি
স্বাধীনতা তুমি রবি ঠাকুরের অজর কবিতা, অবিনাশী গান
স্বাধীনতা তুমি কাজী নজরুল, ঝাকড়া চুলের বাবরি দোলানো মহান পুরুষ
সৃষ্টি সুখের উল্লাশে কাঁপা

Freedom, You
Freedom, you are the immortal poems and songs of Rabindranath
Freedom, you are Kazi Nazrul, the great man with waving unkempt hair,
raptured in your joy of creation ...


Monument in Mirzapur

Next to the Naya dighi (pond) in Mirzapur of Atwari upazila, has the monumental pillar for the memory of 11 villagers who died during the liberation war. This monument was opened in Bangla year 1378, 20th Kartik, Sunday 5:20PM. The names are listed on it as:

1. Md. Tachhlim Uddin
2. Md. Rofijul Islam
3. Md. Sahadul Islam
4. Md. Sanu
5. Md. Mali
6. Md. Choudhory
7. Md. Kasem Ali
8. Md. Pohir Uddin
9. Md. Rafijuddin
10. Md. Khakaru
11. Sri. Dorshon Chondro Bormon


Monument of Eng. Faruq Ahmed

During the war, engineer Faruq Ahmed (of Roads and Highway) contributed significant support and helped the fighters with his office jeep around Panchagarh areas. He was killed in Birganj of Dinajpur. His grave is in Hablur haat. In Faruq Ahmed's memory, on the bay of the Karatoa river, in opposite of the Pouroshova Bhobon (municipility) of Panchagarh, this monument was build.



Monument in Dangir haat, in Atwari

In Dangir Haat of Atwari Upazila,  among others in the name of 9 freedom a monument was made. The names are:

1. Md. Toslimuddin Chairman
2. Shekh Abdur Rahman
3. Somoruddin Ahmed
4. Afazuddin
5. Budhu Md.
6. Kholilur Rahman
7. Bangra Muhammad
8. Kosimuddin
9. Budhu


Mass killing sites

A) Shomitir Danga, in Degiganj where people returning from India was killed.
B) Boldia Dham [3 people killed]

C) Bamon Kumar (Tirnoikandor), in Atwari [5 people killed]

D) Bokhshigonj (Satmera), Panchagarh [4 people killed]

E) Baniapara in Panchagarh city [2 people killed]

F) Near to the Eid gah field, north side of Karatoa river, in Panchagarh city [more than hundred people killed]

G) Panchagarh thana ground and the bay of Karatoa river, in Panchagarh city [unknown number of people killed]


Freedom Fighter's brick build graves

Graveyard of freedom fighter Motiur Rahman in Vojonpur.

A) Next to the metalled road in Brammonpara in Vojonpur [names of the freedom fighters are unknown]

B) Shohid Motiur Rahman, in Vojonpur

C) Shohid Sokimuddin, in Jagdol haat

D) Shohid Bodiujjaman and Shohid Moqbul Hosain, in Amorkhana

E) Shodin Abdul Qader, in Tistaghat of Debiganj

F) Shohid Nurul Islam Shekhbadha

G) Shohid Abdul Qader

H) Shohid Joynal Abedin (of Bogura), in Borshoshi of Boda

I) Shohid Golam Gaus, in Vitorgarh

Graveyard of Shohid Habilder Bodiujjaman and Shipahi Moqbul Hossain, in Omorkhana


Freedom Fighter's regular graves

A) Shohid Abdul Khaleque, in Peyadapara of Boda

B) Shohid Khotibuddin, in Peyadapara of Boda


Shohid Aiub Road, in Tetulia


Four roads in the memory of the freedom fighters, in Atwari

Peoples of Atwari Upazila remembers their liberation fighters with great respects. There are four roads in Atwari Upazila belongs to the names of four freedom fighters of Atwari. Those four great persons were born in Atwari. For their sacrifice in the liberation war in 1971 people of Atwari wants to make them immortal. Those four shohid (martyr) freedom fighters are :

1) Shohid Md. Noimuddin
2) Shohid Abul Kashem
3) Shohid Azizur Rahman
4) Shohid Sayad Ali

The roads belongs their names as:

A) Shohid Md. Noimuddin Road (Established in 1998) : from Fakirgong Bazaar to Barshalupara
B) Shohid Abul Kashem Road (Established in 1998) : from Fakirgong Bazaar to Baroghati
C) Shohid Azizur Rahman Road (Established in 1998) : from Fakirgong Bazaar to Mirzapur
D) Shohid Sayad Ali Road (Established in 1998) : from Fakirgong Bazaar to Toria

People of Atwari Upazila has established four schools in the memories of those four liberation fighters as well:

A) Shohid Md. Noimuddin None Govt. Reg. Primary School, in Barshalupara
B) Shohid Sayad Ali None Govt. Reg. Primary School, in Alowakhoa
C) Shohid Abul Kashem None Govt. Reg. Primary School, in Jholjholi Darumoni of Mirzapur
D) Shohid Azizur Rahman High School, in Soulapara of Mirzapur