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Panchagarh - District Profile / General Information

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Panchagarh is a district of Rangpur division in the extreme northern part of Bangladesh with an area of 1404.63 sq km, is bounded on three sides by 288 km long Indian border, having Darjeeling district on the north, Jalpaiguri and Kuchbihar districts on the northeast, west Dinajpur and Purnea district on the west, Dinajpur and Thakurgaon districts on the south, Nilphamari district on the east. Its soil is sandy, alluvial and bears close affinity with the soil of the old Himalayan basin. On the northern part of the district there exists underground layer of pebbles. It is 150 feet high from the sea level. See Panchagarh Map

Administration: Panchagarh was a thana under Jalpaiguri district of west Bengal during the British rule. It was under Dinajpur district at the time of the partition of 1947. Panchagarh was turned into a subdivision in 1980 consisting of Atwari, Tetulia, Panchagarh Sadar, Boda and Debiganj upazila. Panchagarh was elevated to a district in 01.02.1984. It consists of 5 upazilas, 1 municipality, 9 wards, 32 mahallahs, 43 Union parishads & 850 villages. The upazilas are Atwari, Tetulia, Panchagarh Sadar, Boda and Debiganj.

Population: The total population of Panchagarh is 9,01,091 (as of 2008); among them number of males are 46,5,056 & females are 43,6,035. The density of population is 641 per sp. km.  Muslims are 81.79% of the total population. The other religions are Hindu 17.64%, Christian 0.24%, ethnic group 0.21%, others 0.12%; ethnic nationals: 138 Santal, 45 Uria & 155 other families.

The average literacy rate is 30.6%; among them male is 39.8%, female is 20.8%.

Communication: Panchagarh District has 305 km Paka roads, 2499 km mud road & railway 11 km. Traditional transports Palanquin, Bullock cart. These means of transport are extinct or nearly extinct. It has a distance of 344.48 km (214.05 miles) from Dhaka. The approximate travel/road distance can be around 396.15 km to 430.6 km (246.16 miles to 267.56 miles). Air distance is 185.88 nautical miles. See Travel Tips

Health Centers: Panchagarh has 1 sadar hospital, 5 upazila health complexes in each upazila. The other health centers are: 1 diabetic hospital, 1 leprosy hospital, 1 islamic foundation hospital, 28 Union clinics, 9 upazila community clinic, 8 charitable dispensaries, and 37 family planning centers.

Rivers: Panchagarh has 23 rivers. Among them some main rivers are Karatoya, Atrai, Tista, Nagor, Mahananda, Tangon, Dahuk, Pathraj, Bhulli, Talma, Chawai, Kurum, Versa, Tirnoi, and Chilka.

Land Distribution: Cultivable land 115232 hectares, fallow land 1035 hectares, forest area 1252 hectares. Land control among the peasants, 33% are landless, 43% small peasant, 20% intermediate, 4% rich. The market value of the first grade arable land is Tk. 2500 per 0.01 hectare.


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The existence of fifteen garhs (fortifications) has hitherto been traced, of which the most noted are Bhitar Garh, Hosain Garh, Mir Garh, Rajan Garh and Deven Garh. Panchagarh is named after these five garhs. See Historical heritage of Panchagarh



Main Crops:  Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Potato, Sugarcane and Tea. Nearly Extinct Crops are Barley, Aus Paddy and Kaun.

Main fruits:  Mango, Jackfruit, Litchi, Banana, Blackberry, Papaya, Guava, Coconut and Betel nut.

Industry:  Tea, Sugar, Rice mill, ice factory, garments factory, oil mill, and Saw mill.

Cottage Industries: Weaving 45, Bamboo work 755, Goldsmith 95, Blacksmith 195, potteries, Wood work 320, Tailoring 305.

Main Exports: Paddy, Tea, Jute, Potato, Sugar, Methylated Spirit, Electric Pole, Pebbles, Sand & timber.

Main Occupations: Agriculture 51.33%, agricultural laborer 26.88%, wage laborer 3.5%, service 4.03%, others 7.87%.

Dairy, fishery & poultry: Livestock 54, poultry 105.

Shops and Bazaar: Hats & bazaars are 157.






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