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Chaprajhar Mosque, Atwari, Panchagarh    Other Tourist Spots and Places of Interest in Panchagarh

Chaprajhar mosque, is in Paharvanga village, on the west of Atwari upazila of Panchagarh district. As of the Mughal architecture, this mosque has three doom and four small sized minarets on it, with terracotta arts on some parts of it's  walls. The dooms has round and sketched belts on them. The mosque has a wide brick build compound, with an arch at the entrance. This arch has the similarity in its design/structure, as of Mirzapore Jamei Mosque.

Chaprajhar mosque is 25 foot wide and 15 foot width. At present, the height of this mosque reduced a lot due to subside. As mentioned on its name plate, this mosque was build by a person named Shahad Mondol, in hijre 1300.

From the design and its structure, it is assumed, this mosque was build during the Mughal period. As this mosque is nearby the Mirzapore Jamei Mosque, both of them was seized by earthquakes. And for the damages Mirzapore Jamei Mosque was repaired, but Chaprajhar Mosque was never repaired (until 2009 A.D.) for its damages. For the similarity and design of the both mosques, it is assumed that, the architecture, engineers and makers of Mirzapore Jamei Mosque, was included during the build of Chaprajhar Mosque.


Other Tourist Spots and Places of Interest in Panchagarh

[Source : Description taken from Panchagarh Jelar Itihas O Lokosanskriti]