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Accommodation in Panchagarh

Travel tips, Address book

Places of interest

Panchagarh Maps


Hotel Mowchak

Tetulia Road, Panchagarh Sadar

+88 0568 61279

+88 (0)1737348066 [Manager]

AC & Non AC rooms available.

Center Rest House

Cinema hall road, Panchagarh Sadar



+88 0568 67919

+88 0568 61666 [Fax]

+88 (0)1712341327 [Manager]

+88 (0)1715858588

+88 (0)1715858589

AC & Non AC rooms available.

Free WiFi, Parking

Islam Residential Hotel

Kodomtola Road, Panchagarh Sadar

+88 (0)1721012625

AC & Non AC rooms available.

Rajnagar Hotel

Cinema Hall Road, Panchagarh Sadar

+88 (0)1734060178


Hotel Pritom

Cinema Hall Road, Panchagarh Sadar

+88 (0)1712209027

+88 (0)1784940500


Hilton Boarding

Kodomtola Raod, Panchagarh Sadar

+88 (0)1773595422


H. K Palace

Panchagarh Sadar

+88 (0)1752243048  

Alam Residential Boarding

Fakirganj Bazaar, Atwari


Moon Star Hotel




Accommodation facilities for government officials.

(Predefined permissions may required to acquire a room)

Panchagarh Circuit  House

Mitha Pukur, Panchagarh Sadar

+88 0568 61348
+88 0568 61373
+88 01712235511

DC Cottage Panchagarh

Officers Quarter Complex, Panchagarh Sadar


Panchagarh District Parishad Dakbanglo

District office Complex, Panchagarh Sadar


Panchagarh Sugar Mills Rest House

Panchagarh Sugar Mills Colony, Panchagarh Sadar


Tetulia District Parishad Dak Banglo

Tetulia Upazilla Office Complex, Tetulia


Banglabandha District Parishad Dak Banglo



Tetulia Picnic Corner Rest house

Aziz Nagar, Tetulia


Debiganj District Parishad Dak Banglo

Debiganj Upazilla Office Complex, Debiganj


Debiganj Krishi Farm Guest House



Boda District Parishad Dak Banglo

Boda Upazilla Office Complex, Boda


Boda Dak Banglo



Reshom Prokolpo Rest House

Sakoa, Boda


Atwari District Parishad Dak Banglo

Atwari Upazilla Office Complex, Atwari


Water Development Board Rest House

Water Development Office, Panchagarh Sadar


Gonopurto Bibhag Rest House

Gonopurto Bibhag Office, Panchagarh Sadar


LGED Rest House

LGED Office, Panchagarh Sadar


Family Planning Rest House

Family Planning Office, Panchagarh Sadar


Jubo Unnoyon Odhidoptor Rest House

Jubo Unnoyon Office, Panchagarh Sadar


Gemcon Ltd. Rest House

Dhakka Mara, Panchagarh Sadar





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